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Your training enhanced our ability to be introspective, acknowledge feelings and consider the steps needed to resolve conflict. The issues raised stimulated group circle discussion about effective strategies to provide mediation and negotiation. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive.
Michael Carter
Director, New York City Office of Parent Advocacy and Engagement
From conversations I’ve had with many of the hundreds of parents who have participated in your programs, what they have shared with me is that it has helped them with their child’s school life as well as their family live. They are better able to communicate with their children as well as their spouse.
Jorge Izquerdo
Past Superintendent NYC District 6 (representing 31,000 NYC children)
The focus of Masterful Parenting was right on. As a parent I think I was focused a lot more on my child’s behavior than on my own. As I began to refocus my attention on myself, I saw how important that is with regard to my relationship with my daughter.
Victor Goode
Father of one
I truly believe that Samadhi Spectrum can help this population to thrive in leadership positions and government and that their pure intention, loving kindness and intelligence could be a great asset to our nation. I look forward to working together.
Linda Colon
Registered Yoga Teacher
The words Create, Promote, Allow is something everyone already knows, but we just don’t always recognize it in our life. Once we take control, once we know we play a part and are responsible for everything that happens in our lives we will succeed.
Mark Etienne
New York Family Academy
Your team was a joy to be around. Loved every minute of it. I will apply these tools to my daily life as well as my interactions with my clients! Thank you! I will be sending peace and love to your family and organizational team.
Special Needs Teacher
The most important things I learned from this course is creating a space of trust to engage participants in an authentic way. It’s important to validate the feelings of others while holding back judgement. I am thrilled to have been a part of the classes, witnessing my personal growth along with my colleagues and others.
Carmen Mercado
Field Support Liaison NYC District 10


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