Family Resiliency Programs

A Holistic approach to self-care and stress

management for families and professionals

serving the general as well as the autistic

and special needs population


From conversations I’ve had with many of the hundreds of parents who have participated in your programs, what they have shared with me is that it has helped them with their child’s school life as well as their family live. They are better able to communicate with their children as well as their spouse.
Jorge Izquerdo
Past Superintendent NYC District 6 (representing 31,000 NYC children)
Your training enhanced our ability to be introspective, acknowledge feelings and consider the steps needed to resolve conflict. The issues raised stimulated group circle discussion about effective strategies to provide mediation and negotiation. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive.
Michael Carter
Director, New York City Office of Parent Advocacy and Engagement

The focus of Masterful Parenting was right on. As a parent I think I was focused a lot more on my child’s behavior than on my own. As I began to refocus my attention on myself, I saw how important that is with regard to my relationship with my daughter.
Victor Goode
Father of one



MASTERFUL PARENTING (Blended/Online..Materials, books and facilitation in English and/or Spanish)

Children thrive socially, emotionally and academically in a healthy home environment. The 12-hour course supports parents in taking better care of themselves through yoga/mindfulness, stress management, enhanced nutrition and by developing essential life skills they can teach their children by example: skills such as focused listening, assertive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, forgiveness, exercising conscious choice and taking responsibility.
Especially, during these challenging times, parents need all the support they can receive.



As a way of making the life-transforming Masterful Parenting program more economical and available to a greater number of parents, we offer the Blended/Online Parent Leadership Academy, a “train the trainer” program that the school will own. The program empowers Parent Support Personnel (Parent Coordinators, Family Workers, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors) from individual schools to facilitate the Masterful Parenting Program in their communities. Graduates of the Parent Leadership Academy:

  • Develop social/emotional skills such as: focused listening, assertive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and conscious choice.
  • Improve their relationship and communication skills leading to enhanced leadership ability and professional competence.
  • Experience a healthy, less stressful life-style by incorporating life-enhancing nutrition, gentle yoga-based breathing/stretching series and meditation/relaxation techniques into their daily routine. Doing so promotes staying present and more supportive during stressful moments.
  • Gain counseling skills that enable them to support, advise and engage parents more effectively.
  • Assist in creating a culture of excellence in their individual school
  • Licensed to turnkey and skillfully present the Masterful Parenting Training to parent participants in their community.

Parents and Administrators Evaluation Video



Being a parent or staff member serving individuals on the Autistic/Special Needs population can be one of the most challenging endeavors a person can undertake. Employing practical tools based on principles of yoga, mindfulness and social /emotional learning, this program teaches practical ways the parents and support personnel serving the Autistic/Special Needs population can take better care of themselves and the children they serve.


Because of the sensitive nature of autistic individuals and the unique challenges faced by their caregivers and parents, a loving, safe and nurturing home environment is key to their well-being and reaching their highest potential. After completing the Self Care and Resiliency Program, the parent support personnel (Parent Coordinator, Social Worker, Guidance Counselor) has the opportunity to learn to facilitate the Self Care and Resiliency Program to parents from their schools and community organizations.