Parent Leader Academy Training

For Parent Support Personnel

As a way of making the life-transforming Masterful Parenting program more economical and available to a greater number of parents, we offer the Blended/Online Parent Leadership Academy, a “train the trainer” program that the school will own. The program empowers Parent Support Personnel (Parent Coordinators, Family Workers, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors) from individual schools to facilitate the  Masterful Parenting Program in their communities. Graduates of the Parent Leadership Academy:

  • Develop social/emotional skills such as: focused listening, assertive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and conscious choice.
  • Improve their relationship and communication skills leading to enhanced leadership ability and professional competence.
  • Experience a healthy, less stressful life-style by incorporating life-enhancing nutrition, gentle yoga-based breathing/stretching series and meditation/relaxation techniques into their daily routine. Doing so promotes staying present and more supportive during stressful moments.
  • Gain counseling skills that enable them to support, advise and engage parents more effectively.
  • Assist in creating a culture of excellence in their individual school
  • Licensed to turnkey and skillfully present the Masterful Parenting Training to parent participants in their community.


  • Presented to 12-18 Parent Support Personnel (parent coordinator, family worker, social worker, guidance counselor) representing various schools. In that the principles presented are universal, the training is relevant for Parent Support Personnel and staff serving children of any age, ethnicity or nationality. 
  • Presented for a total of 10 two-hour weekly Zoom sessions.

• During the first sex sessions the participants will take the Masterful Parenting program that they will eventually facilitated to their school’s parents.

• During the next three sessions the participants will learn to facilitate the Masterful Parenting program.

• During the final session, the participants will observe a Masterful Parenting class presented by Dr. Rosenbaum and Sharon Manner to parents from the Parent Support Personnel participants’ individual schools.

  • Between weekly sessions parent participants will view four 10-minute presentation videos that relate to the Social/Emotional Learning topic presented at the previous Zoom session. During the week the participants will have an opportunity to practice these skills with family members and at work along with implementing stress-reducing practices, life-enhancing nutrition, and ways of getting adequate sleep from the online Dashboard.
  • Upon successful completion, the Parent Support Personnel participants will receive the English and Spanish Masterful Parenting Power Point presentations used in facilitating the programs to parents in their community.


  • Six Power Point presentation sessions in English and Six Power Point presentation sessions in Spanish and English used in the Masterful Parenting Training
  • Access to the online Dashboard which contains Yoga, Meditation, Enhanced Nutrition online      videos along with 22, ten-minute, Social/Emotional Learning videos
  • Facilitator’s Instructional Manual
  • Facilitator’s Instructional Power Point
  • The book and course text, Masterful Parenting…Creating meaningful connection with your child
  • A license is awarded to each participant upon successful completion




Since 1993, Dr. Marc Rosenbaum’s organization, Education for Excellence, has presented social/emotional learning programs to more than 5000 New York City public school parents, teachers and administrators. He has authored the course texts and curriculum guides Masterful Parenting (the book your parents had read), El Arte de Ser Padres, Masterful Parenting (creating meaningful connection with your child) and Education for Transformation.

With 35 years of yoga and meditation practice, Sharon Manner has experience firsthand how yoga helps to reduce stress. For the past 11 years, inspired by parenting a 26 year old daughter with Autism, she has developed and presented programs exclusively tailored to benefit individuals on the Spectrum. To date, Ms. Ms. Manner’s work has positively impacted the lives of thousands of adults and children throughout the United States and Canada along with more than 150 individuals trained to bring her trainings into their schools and community organizations that serve individual with Autism.

Parent Support Personnel Evaluations

“70% of what we think does not serve us…How you relate to the issue, is the issue.. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.. You have to take care of yourself, in order to be able to take care of others…. Really listening with your heart is a beautiful thing. We appreciate the work and effort that went into each session and know firsthand the benefit of your Masterful Parenting Course. Thank you also for sharing yourself with us and providing a space where meaningful interactions took place and the impact and beauty of this work was sincerely felt.” – M Maria Correa. Family Support Coordinator, District 10

“I have more control over my feelings, I can help my child, my families and friends solve their conflicts in a more efficient and mature way.” – F.M. Parent Coordinator

“Acceptance, responsibility, caring and reflecting .This course has changed my way of dealing with life.” – N.S. Parent Coordinator

“A few things have been valuable, the beginning classes showed me I worry too much, I learned how to send light and love and let go. Other most important values learned were listening and applying the listening skills. I am now able to actively listen without rushing to move on to the next task. I have applied this with my family as well as with my professional work. The last value taken is the breathing exercises, in the beginning I was not able to tune into myself, now I am able to let it all go and with the practice I have done I can completely meditate and become one with me which is important to me and my emotional and physical health.” – C.N. Parent Coordinator

“The course was enlightening in really looking inside of myself as a way of understanding relationship with family in my life.” – A.M. Parent Coordinator

“The most valuable thing I have learned from this course is the importance of actively listening. I am more mindful to quiet myself and distraction to really hear what is being said.” – A.C. Parent Coordinator

“I have learned the importance of listening without interrupting and assuming on how to resolve an issue. But instead, to listen so that you can have a better understanding what the other person is going through and can help them effectively. A sense of caring and respect begins to develop. I have also learned to accept people for who they truly are. I realize I can't change other people I can only change myself to be a better me. I also learned that if you have a dream, you should pursue it rather than staying stuck as a survivor. Pursuing your dream, can open doors to many other possibilities.“ – R.R. Parent Coordinator

“The listening portion how to listen with my heart open and my mind quiet. This has already positively impacted my family and work relationships. The forgiveness section taught me that I need to work on that more. Thank you.” – M.T. Parent Coordinator

“I have learned to "actively listen". I have learned to accept responsibility when issues arise. The instructor created a comfortable environment where we were able to open up about our life experiences.” – V.W. Parent Coordinator

“I liked that Marc REALLY wanted us to learn this work. Sharon was awesome to talk to and meditate with Karen was flawless with technology.” – A.L. Parent Coordinator

“This training improved the way I live my day by day internally and externally. How to relate, engage, and react to who and what surrounds you.” – E.V. Parent Coordinator

“I like everything about the instructors. thank you for everything.” T.P. Parent “Loved the instructors the warmth and sincerity of what was taught to us by them.” – M.A. Parent Coordinator

“In order to be a better self I have to take care of myself. I also love that. It made me reflect, act and change.” – D. R. Parent Coordinator