Masterful Parenting

Masterful Parenting
(BLENDED/ONLINE..Materials, books and facilitation in English and/or Spanish)

Children thrive socially, emotionally and academically in a healthy home environment.  The 12-hour course supports parents in taking better care of themselves through yoga/mindfulness, stress management, enhanced nutrition and by developing essential life skills they can teach their children by example: skills such as focused listening, assertive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, forgiveness, exercising conscious choice and taking responsibility. 

Especially, during these challenging times, parents need all the support they can receive.


  • Focus on taking care of yourself first, so you can better take care of those you serve.
  • Presenting and practicing ways of staying supportive and present during stressful moments.
  • Teach and practice specific yoga/mindfulness, meditation tools for stress management that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine. The gentle yoga based stretching series can be done on a mat or in a chair.
  • Keys for practicing life enhancing nutrition and getting a better night’s sleep.
  • Improves participants’ relationships not only with their children, significant other, and extended family members but also with people they interact with in their working environment.
  • Improves participants’ relationship skills and leadership ability by reinforcing essential life skills such as:

– Listening masterfully
– Exercising conscious choices rather than habitual emotional responses
– Accepting instead of judging
– Taking responsibility instead of blaming others
– Having forgiveness and empathy for oneself and others
– Communicating assertively rather than passively or aggressively


  • Six-weekly, two-hour, live/online (Zoom) sessions presented to no more than 25 parent participants presented in English, Spanish or English and Spanish.
  • Between weekly sessions parent participants will view, at their own schedule, 4 ten-minute presentation videos that relate to the Social/Emotional Learning topic presented at the previous Zoom session. During the week the parents will have an opportunity to practice these skills with family members along with implementing stress-reducing practices, life-enhancing nutrition, and ways of getting adequate sleep.
  • In that the principles presented are universal, the training is relevant for parents, professionals and staff serving children of any age, ethnicity or nationality. 
  • All written online materials (books, handouts, etc.) are available in Spanish as well as English.


  • The book Masterful Parenting and El Arte de Ser Padres
  • Yoga, Meditation, Enhanced Nutrition online videos along with 22, ten-minute, Social/Emotional Learning online videos



Since 1993, Dr. Marc Rosenbaum’s organization, Education for Excellence, has presented social/emotional learning programs to more than 5000 New York City public school parents, teachers and administrators. He has authored the course texts and curriculum guides Masterful Parenting (the book your parents had read), El Arte de Ser Padres, Masterful Parenting (creating meaningful connection with your child) and Education for Transformation for teachers.

With 35 years of yoga and meditation practice, Sharon Manner has experience firsthand how yoga helps to reduce stress. For the past 11 years, inspired by parenting a 26 year old daughter with Autism, she has developed and presented programs exclusively tailored to benefit individuals on the Spectrum. To date, Ms. Ms. Manner’s work has positively impacted the lives of thousands of adults and children throughout the United States and Canada along with more than 150 individuals trained to bring her trainings into their schools and community organizations that serve individual with Autism.


“I learned how important it is to take care of myself before I can help others. I see how I need to take TIME for me in order to be healthy.” – R.P. Pre-K

“I love everything about the instructors, the information and exercises were amazing.” – A.B. Parent

“I've learned that self-awareness and self-soothing is very important for the mind, body, and soul. I've already made small changes, like meditating at work when stressed and drinking more water. I look forward to making more positive changes am sure the parents will appreciate this program” – M.C. Pre-K

I love the kindness, the patience with which they give us the courses helped us to grow as people. – N.P. Parent

“He is amazing, even my daughter ask who is it mom, he is really good.” – S.J. Parent

“How you are responsible for how you feel about yourself. I need to better communicate my feelings to others.” – R.T. Parent

  “Aprendi que para poder ayudar a otras personas primero nesecito buscar ayuda en mis necesidades para poder tener la capacidad de saber como ayudar a los demas, meditar para mantener la calma para poder actuar.” – F.S. Parent

 “Conscious choice, meditate and sleep…Marc was a great instructor, calm, entertaining and giving great examples. – M.W. Parent

“The most valuable thing I learned was that, I cannot continue feeling angry with another of how they treat me because most of the time, if not always, that person is just that way and it’s not really me or that they hate. This is just how the person is and has been probably their entire life. Now I can understand this. I don't think I ever thought of this with past conflicts with people or family members. The breathing was phenomenal and the feeling of letting go and feeling centered help me so much in this training. Really actively listening without thinking of a solution before listening to the entire conversation, or letting my mind go elsewhere.” – B.B Parent

“The instructors were able to listen (actively) and provide support if asked. Everything was clear and expressed in a respectful manner.” – C.N. Parent