Masterful Parenting (Course Text)

The book you wish your parents had read. “This book goes way beyond philosophy or a quick fix approach to parenting. It provides practical guidelines and specific exercises that actually can transform your relationship with your child. -Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul

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El Arte De Ser Padres (Course Text)

Nuestros hijos aprenden a comunicarse, a escuchar, a solucionar conflictos y a ser compasivos observándonos a nosotros… sus padres.

Education For Transformation

This book is the curriculum foundation for Teachers and Administrators Leadership Training class.


Ahimsa Activism

In seeking a way to help her autistic daughter cope with her stress and anxiety, longtime yoga practitioner Sharon Manner turned to her practice for guidance.

Parents Magazine

Why your child should be doing yoga. Not only can it help kids relax, but pediatricians say the ancient practice may also be a helpful treatment for asthma, autism and more.

Child Mind Institute

A yoga teacher for over 20 years, Manner had often taught her own daughter, also on the spectrum, yoga postures and breathing techniques. Seeing the positive effects they had for Kerri, now 21, she launched Ashrams for Autism

Autism After 16

Treatments for autism come in all shapes and sizes, and as families well know, what works for one autistic person doesn’t always work for another. An increasingly popular choice is yoga.

Waiting for Empowerment

Print This PageHUFFINGTON POST Posted: October 5, 2010 Dr. Marc Rosenbaum Education for Excellence WAITING FOR EMPOWERMENT There is much to be learned from Davis Guggenheim’s, “Waiting for ‘Superman’ “. Yes, our system of public education needs help. Yes, there are excellent, proven education models available (KIPP School, Promise Academy, and Green Dot Public Schools being wonderful examples). Yes, the teachers union needs to do a better job. Yes, we need to replace incompetent teachers with more qualified educators. But,…

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