Facilitators Training For Parent Support Personnel

Facilitators Training for Parent Support Personnel

Because of the sensitive nature of autistic individuals and the unique challenges faced by their caretakers and parents, a loving, safe and nurturing home environment is key to their well-being and reaching their highest potential. After completing the core 15-hour program, the participant has the opportunity to learn how to facilitate the 15-Hour Self Care and Resillency Program to parents of individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.


  • For two or three participants from a specific school or organization that have successfully completed the Core 15 Hour Stress Management Training
  • Presented in three 4-hour sessions
  • Presented at a centrally located training facility for participants from various schools or organizations
  • Will be certified to facilitate the Core 15 Hour Stress Management Training in English and/or Spanish to parents


  • Participants will learn how to use the classroom DVDs, and teach yoga/mindfulness tools so they can turnkey and skillfully present the Self-Care and Stress Management Training to parents in their school or facility
  • Improves the participants relationship skills, leadership ability and professional competence
  • Gain counseling skills that enable them to support, advise and engage parents more effectively


  • Facilitator’s instructional DVDs
  • Presentational DVD’s in Spanish and English used in each session
  • Yoga practice instruction manual
  • Facilitator’s Instructional Manual
  • The book Masterful Parenting…Creating meaningful connection with your child